Biography of Manoj Tiwari || मनोज तिवारी बायोग्राफी

Manoj Tiwari (born 1 February 1971) is a singer, actor, television presenter and music director] from Bihar, India.
He has acted in the Bhojpuri genre of the Indian film industry and in 2005 was reported to be one of the two leading male stars of that genre.
Tiwari is also involved in politics, having contested the 2009 national elections for the Samajwadi Party.
He won the North East Delhi (Lok Sabha constituency) in the 2014 Indian general elections from BJP.
His birthplace is Atarwalia, a small village in Kaimur district of Bihar. Prior to Tiwari’s involvement in cinema, he had spent ten years working as a singer.
Tiwari continues to record music and release new albums. He performs around the world in concert. He released an album, Hey Mahadev, in 2009 that fused traditional music with contemporary genres. He is listed as being music director for numerous releases.
Manoj Tiwari also sang the hit song “Jiya Ho Bihar Ke Lala Jiya Tu Haazar Sala” in Anurag Kashyap’s film Gangs of Wasseypur. He has also announced that he would built a temple dedicated to 2011 Cricket World Cup winning team in his home village.
He also plans to construct a world class cricket stadium in his home town, in Kaimur district.

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