Song Upload Policy

Term & Conditions

1. Just Fill & Sign a Letter(With Pen) if your label than also require stamp For Bhojpuri Digital T&C. Send Us Scan Signed Letter (We Won’t Accept Your Song Without sign T&S Letter) Download Letter

2. Album Cover Should Be .jpg .jpeg .png (We Required Official Album Cover Only We Dont’t Accept Personal Photo or Unofficial Image). Recommended Cover size – (Width:750, Height:350)

3. Song Format Should Be Track.mp3 (we accept only mp3 format and minimum bitrate 128 KBPS)

4) Send All Other infomation like track name, album name , artist name , label etc in email

Attach Files in Email

1. Signed T&C Letter

2. Album Cover

3. Track File (MP3)

And Send your email at

If you Agree With Our All Terms And Condition . We’ll Live Your Song and Promote In Our Site Within 48 Hours If Your Song Good For Our Listeners.