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Published on 19/03/2016 by Shreekant

Must Watch || Jaat Reservation || Ghanta Hai || Hum unki bajate hai jo sab ki bajate hai…

Reservations were made to uplift those poor and backward people who really need help from those who are in power, but when GHANTA HAI had public talk with Delhi people then the answers we got were shocking. What people think of jat reservation? , What jats think of jat reservation? , WHO NEED RESERVATION?? All the answers at just one stop i.e #GHANTA HAI..

Watch Ghanta hai 10th video which is a Delhi On Reservation

Ghanta Hai Team –
Pragya sethi
Deepak Yadav
Shubham Verma
Shubham Mishra
Jackson Shah
Actors- Shubham Verma Shubham Mishra
Camera and Editing – Shubham Verma
Make up – Pragya Sethi

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