Mumbai on Extra – Marital affairs || Ghanta Hai || Public Talk || #Ghanta Hai

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Published on 09/04/2016 by Shreekant

This time Ghanta hai team was in #Aamchi_Mumbai to talk about marriages and marital affairs.
What were the reaction and shocking answers of youth to the questions ??
What is the right of gettin marriage and what is the biggest reason of extra marital affairs ?
To know the answers , you just have one right spot!!!

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Watch #Ghanta_hai 14th video on … Mumbai on Extra Marital affairs

Ghanta Hai Team –
Pragya sethi
Deepak Yadav
Shubham Verma
Shubham Mishra
Jackson Shah
Anchors- Pragya Sethi Shubham Mishra
Camera and Editing – Deepak Yadav
Make up- Pragya Sethi

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